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Silent Saturday/Sunday

On this page, parents, players, and coaches can find information about Silent Saturday/Sunday.
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Silent Saturday/Sunday Reminders

Spectators are asked to refrain from verbal comments and direction to players & referees. Clapping is allowed!

Coaches are asked to refrain from verbal instruction as well. Coaches may provide verbal direction for substitutions and when changing a player's position.

For age groups with Coaches On the Field - coaches may continue to provide verbal instruction and feedback throughout the game.

The goal of Silent Saturday/Sunday is to simply Let the kids play!

What is Silent Saturday/Sunday?

Silent Saturday/Sunday is an EBYA Soccer event where players are empowered to work on communication skills within their team, while spectators and coaches refrain from verbal sideline instruction for the day. While Silent Saturday/Sunday is relatively new to EBYA, it has a long history in leagues throughout the country. The idea & implementation were guided through EBYA's partnership with the Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA). In addition to parent and coach workshops, PCA provides talking points on important youth sports topics, and they assist with planning for ideas such as Double-Goal Coach awards and Silent Saturday/Sunday.

On Silent Saturday/Sunday, all spectators are requested to remain quiet to players and referees with the exception of clapping for good plays. Coaches are only allowed to yell out when making a substitution, as well as positional instructions during those changes. *In age groups with Coaches on the Field, coaches may continue to provide verbal feedback and instruction.

As parents, grandparents, coaches, referees, and fans, we all need to remember that our words and actions truly matter. Silent Saturdays/Sundays allow our players to problem-solve and play simply for the love of the game while allowing referees to simply manage the match. We can quickly forget that the point of youth sports is the “youth.”  Let’s keep the fun in the game, the joy in the spirit of our players, and remain aware that what we say and do matters.

Regardless of it being a “Silent Saturday/Sunday” or any game day – let’s keep the comments positive and the cheering happy. The players will remember what you said and did in terms of how it made them feel for years to come.  Let the kids play!

Thank you for your support!

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East Brandywine Youth Athletics Inc.

EBYA Treasurer, 203 Montpelier Drive
Downingtown, Pennsylvania 19335

Email: [email protected]
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