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For Referees

On this page, referees can find links to field maps, rules and resources.
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Field Map and Rules

Soccer League Rules
Click here for Fall 2020 Soccer League Rules 

*New Soccer Laws of the Game Changes - Please Review
Click here for 2019-2020 Laws of the Game - Changes and Clarifications

Fall 2020 Field Map Satellite View
Click here for Field Map Satellite View 

Soccer Shed Location

Click here for a Satellite View of the Soccer Shed

Fall 2020 Playoff Rules
Click here for Fall 2020 Playoff OT Rules
We do not have playoffs in the Spring

Fall 2002 Playoff Bracket Formats - Each division only has 4 teams in our Fall 2020 league - Playoff Round #1 is a random matchup
Click here for EBYA Soccer - Fall 2020 Playoff Bracket Formats
We do not have playoffs in the Spring

Covid-19 Adjustments - Please be aware of the Covid-19 requirements for players, coaches, and spectators. No exceptions.
Each player, coach and referee will receive a temperature check using a non-contact thermometer, and that temperature will be recorded should it be required for contact tracing. The check also requires review of Covid-19 symptoms and if any symptoms are present - participation will not be permitted that day.
Players should wait in their cars if they see more than 10 people in line for the temperature check-in process.
If a player records a temperature of 100.4 or greater, that player will be sent home, and it is recommended that they see a physician.
A player who passes the check-in process can then join in warm-up drills until the game begins.
Masks are required for all players, coaches, volunteers, and spectators at all times, with ONE EXCEPTION – players will not be required to wear masks while on the field of play. Players must wear a mask on the sidelines while not in active play.
Players who test positive at any point during the season must report the positive result to EBYA. Players must test negative twice - 24 hours between tests - after their 2 week quarantine, and once symptom-free, in order to return.

Build Out Line

EBYA utilizes the Build Out Line in the following divisions:
  • BOYS 1/GIRLS 1
  • BOYS 2/GIRLS 2

The build out line helps in the following ways:
  • Gives defense an opportunity to start their possession in a less pressured setting
  • Eliminates punts used for offense
  • Provides an opportunity for players to be further up the field without an offside violation

Key things to keep in mind with this rule (with the operative phrase of “put into play”):

  • For a throw or roll when the ball leaves the goalie’s hands it is “put into play”, regardless of where the goalie is.
  • If the goalie puts the ball down and then kicks it, it is “put into play” once the ball is put down.
  • On a goal kick, the attacking players cannot cross the build-out line until the ball has left the 18 yard penalty area.

Please see the following materials from our mandatory coach meeting:

FAQs from previous mandatory coach meetings:
  • Can goalkeepers throw the ball to distribute it? YES
  • Can the goalkeeper pick up a ball passed to him/her by a teammate's foot? NO - It will be a penalty
  • Is it ALWAYS a handball when the ball touches a player's hand? NO - it must be deliberate

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